Register here – Free Webinar: Functional Medicine Approach to Gut Health

October 5, 2021

As a practice we believe everyone has the capacity to feel good and live life to their fullest potential. We have found that the Functional Medicine approach allows people to truly see what the potential root causes are for their chronic health condition. Once we are aware of the root causes we use lifestyle changes to support the body back to health and vitality. 

Gut health issues include bowel symptoms such as, IBS, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, inflammatory bowel disease, and indigestion issues.

Join us on Thursday, 11th November at 7pm, as we take you through our approach to gut health conditions from:

  • Dr Indra Barathan: GP
  • Kim Adam: Nutritionist
  • Leora Mofsowitz: Health Coach
  • Dr Ailsa Care: GP
  • Ros Connolly: Health Coach

Wherever you are in the world we hope you can attend.

Register here.