Dr Indra

Offers functional medicine consultations and private GP appointments for patients at clinics in Leeds & Manchester. Treating those with complex chronic problems or those who just want to learn how to improve their health and wellbeing.
Working Hours
Monday - Friday 09:00AM - 20:00PM
Saturday - Sunday CLOSED
0749 669 2137

Monday - Friday 09.00 till 20.00

0749 669 2137

Clinics in Leeds & Manchester


What to expect

What to expect from your functional medicine consultation

A functional medicine consultation is a bespoke consultation which will empower you to take control of healing yourself.

Dr Indra offers an initial free 10 min telephone consultation to discuss your needs.

The initial appointment is a 1 ½ hour in-depth consultation to understand your health history and identify the root causes of your illness. It will include:

  •  A review of your nutrition, sleep, stress, movement and social issues
  •  A full medical examination
  •  Development of a bespoke health plan unique to your needs
  •  Setting achievable goals and how you will get on-going support

Prior to your first consultation you will be sent a comprehensive questionnaire to complete at home. This allows Dr. Indra time to be prepared for your consultation.

If you have had NHS blood tests or other investigations getting copies of these may also be relevant to bring along to your consultation. For less serious issues one consultation may be all that is required following which you will be given your bespoke health plan. For more complex conditions further testing and information gathering will often be needed.

Dr. Indra sees patients privately at following clinics
Tuesday 10-5pm @ Optimised Personal Wellness in Manchester
Wednesday 3-7pm @ Iveridge Health Club in Leeds

Follow up consultations

Follow up consultations will be made depending on the problem and treatment plan recommended. They are 30min in duration. If you have had a condition for many years, it can take a little time to embed a new functional medicine approach.