Dr Indra

We are one of the first functional medicine specialist clinic in the north. We truly believe in a holistic and therapeutic assessment of patients, a notion at the very heart of functional medicine.
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Monday till Thursday - 09.00 to 19.00
0749 669 2137

Monday - Thursday 09.00 till 19.00

0749 669 2137

Clinics in Leeds & Manchester

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What to expect

What to expect

We are proud to be the the first multidisciplinary specialist functional medicine clinic in the north.

We provide functional nutrition therapy and phlebotomy appointments at our clinic at Iveridge Hall, a prestigious health club set in the beautiful surroundings of Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Dr Indra also sees patients in Manchester at The Old Hall Clinic in Gatley, South Manchester, a multi-disciplinary clinic providing a wide range of treatments to help the body maintain and repair itself.

A functional medicine consultation is a bespoke consultation which will empower you to take control of healing yourself.

We believe that in order to fully assess health, working collaboratively with a doctor and a nutritional therapist gives the best outcome for the patient.

Our doctors focus on the biochemistry of why you may be feeling the way you are, and what you need to support your body’s healing. Our nutritional therapist will support the science and focus on how you and your food and lifestyle choices can be transformed to support healing, answering the question: “how are we going to make this work?”

Those who are ready for optimal health would benefit from investing in an intensive 16-week programme.

At the Initial consultation, we spend time getting to know you and your health history and identify the potential root causes of your illness.

We will then discuss any testing that would be appropriate and set up an initial nutritional and supplement protocol.

A follow-up appointment will then be booked for 4 to 6 weeks’ time to review the initial intervention and test results. This is when we will personalise the programme for you.

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